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The Great Houdini is a totally original Australian Broadway musical spectacular, with world-wide appeal that takes audiences of all ages on an amazing journey of Music, Magic and Mystery!  

An astounding variety of memorable melodies complement a dynamic script incorporating pathos, action, comedy and drama. 

World-famous illusionist and escapologist Harry Houdini is torn between the love of his Mama, his wife and his obsession to escape from handcuffs, chains and prison cells.  Can this legendary mortal accomplish his greatest feat of all by escaping death itself?

Music & Lyrics by Geoff Willis

Book by David Willis

Music Arrangements by Andrew Robertson






The cast has now been reduced from 35 actors down to only 22 - 14 males and 8 females, including leads. 
This means a smaller budget with the potential
for greater profits.

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"It is my wish that each and every one of you experiences
a little bit of magic in your lives, every day."


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